Rudy Veit
Rudy Veit

Rep. Veit defends vote raising state gas tax

Rudy Veit says his yes vote to raise Missouri’s gasoline tax could cost him at re-election time. But Veit says the 12.5 cent a gallon increase is the only way to fund road repairs.

“I don’t want to waste money, but I also don’t want me to do nothing and just have cheap gas prices in my time,” Veit said. “I don’t care if we pass gas taxes this year, or ten years ago. It’s always going to be some effect on some people.”

The Cole County Republican state representative says the funding will allow the state to put together a long-term plan for bringing Missouri’s roads back to safe standards.

A conservative advocacy group wants Missouri’s potential gas tax hike to go to a vote of the people, and has started a petition push.

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