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Republican primary challengers beat out Cole County incumbents

Two Republican primary challengers beat out the incumbents in Cole County during Tuesday’s election.

Attorney Locke Thompson beat incumbent prosecutor Mark Richardson. Thompson says he’ll focus on the drug problem if he’s elected in November.

“I would estimate that probably 85-90 percent of crimes, if not explicitly just drug crimes, were driven by drugs,” Thompson says.

Thompson will go up against Democrat Deidre Hirner in the general election this fall.

A long-time Cole County Recorder of Deeds office staffer won the Republican primary for the top job. Judy Ridgeway says she helped bring the office into the digital era.

“Title companies have to go back 40-60 years in some cases. If the indexing is not complete, you’re going to have gaps in that indexing. So that is my big goal,” Ridgeway says.

Ridgeway beat incumbent Recorder of Deeds Ralph Bray. She’ll square off against Democrat Ted Stewart in November.

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