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Sen. McCaskill on The Eagle 93-9

Mike Ferguson, filling in for Tom Bradley, interviews Sen. Claire McCaskill on Cap & Trade, Stimulus, Healthcare and more.



  1. I listened to the first half again. It’s just a stump speech rehearsal.

    Mike you used the words “wiggle room” to describe it. OK. In that way her words summon the image of a nest of hundreds of eels in the bayuo.

    On the whole, it was offensive. She never wants people to stop talking, except those wrong headed morons who won’t drink the global warming kool aide.


  2. The idea is to develope clean energy from renewable resources. Missouri must look to the future and not depend on the decisions of the past. Yes we now use coal, but we must reduce dependency on limited resources such as coal and oil. We must also move away from resources that create waste that will plague our planet for centuries to come. Wind, water and sun are, hopefully, never ending. R & D needs to find how to mass market energy from these unlimited resources!

  3. Gradual just won’t meet the challenge that science says is coming down the pike. Drink all the kool aide you want but natural or man made disasters will come whether we are prepared or not. With all the economic self interest being displayed it will be difficult for congress to meet this climate change issue. The poison pill is that small states with coal dependency get to have two senators just like big states where most of America lives.

    I am very unimpressed with the discussion on the debt and the potential for another stimulus. To have a discussion of the debt in terms of gross numbers versus the debt as a ratio to GDP is completely the wrong discussion. Many economists said the first stimulus package which is just now being implemented was far to small and larded with tax cuts that would not prompt spending but saving. It was too small because it only addressed about 30 percent of loss of GDP from the economic downturn. If business nor the public will spend to revive the economy, that leaves the government to fill the roll. Now the prospect is that all three will fail to revive the economy for the near term. We could have a lost decade as the Japanese did in the 90’s.

  4. Why does everyone keep adding an “e” to the end of Kool Aid?

  5. People have to understand that we no longer have “representatives”, they are elected officials. It has been this way for many year. Ms. McCaskill is nothing more that an elected official looking for a power grab, she will do and say whatever the democratic party says, check her voting record! A friend of mine would have put it like this: “She is a whore to the democratic party”. She could care less about the people she supposedely represents.

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