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(AUDIO) Sen. Rowden questions power of local health officials in emergencies

Boone County’s state senator says the coronavirus has been an eye-opener for some folks on how the government can respond to a pandemic.

“I do think people have not fully understood until now…a local public health official being able to tell a church whether or not they can function. That’s a step too far for a lot of people.”

A Columbia business owner is suing the health director over the local health order, which has more restrictions than the state guidelines.

Columbia Republican Caleb Rowden says he understands putting in restrictions to keep people safe, but he’s worried about the impact on the economy.

“None of this stuff happens in a vacuum. These are not binary choices. All of this stuff has to exist together. Businesses have to function because we have to employ people and people have to make money and pay taxes and be able to feed their families.”

Sen. Rowden spoke on CEO Roundtable, Saturdays at 7 a.m. on 93.9 The Eagle:

(This story was last updated at 8:01 a.m. Tuesday.)

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