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Children enjoy large pumpkins at the popular Hartsburg Pumpkin festival (file photo courtesy of Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival website)

Small central Missouri town will draw thousands of people this weekend for pumpkin festival

The popular Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival in mid-Missouri began in 1991. Hartsburg is known as the “Garden spot of Boone County” (2021 file photo courtesy of the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival)

More than 30,000 people are expected to travel to the small mid-Missouri town of Hartsburg for this weekend’s 32nd annual Pumpkin festival.

The annual fall event celebrates the pumpkin and promotes the village of Hartsburg, which is a town of about 120 residents. It’s near Highway 63. The event takes place tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday from 9 am until 5 pm.

The festival will begin Saturday morning at 9 with the crowning of Bill Molendorp as the 2023 pumpkin fest king. He’ll be recognized for his years of service to the community. The popular parade will start right after Molendorp is crowned. The parade will begin on south second street in Hartsburg, at the Katy trailhead.

You’ll be able to smell the food from a distance. It will feature items such as funnel cakes, hamburgers, pork steaks and corn dogs. The Hartsburg Pumpkin festival celebrates the pumpkin and the rich agricultural tradition in that area, which produces grains, fruits and vegetables. It’s also time for fellowship for visitors and locals.

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