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Stay at Home order in Boone County over COVID-19 concerns

Columbia and Boone County officials issue a Stay at Home order, as they try to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It will go from Mar. 25 at 8 a.m. through 8 a.m. on Apr. 24.

Only leave your house for essential activities. There are several things that count as essential: getting food and gas, visiting the doctor and picking up meds, and exercising outside as long as you practice social distancing are a few examples.

St. Louis and Kansas City have similar Stay at Home orders now in effect. Cole County is advising it, but not ordering it, as of Tuesday morning.

Here is a more detailed outline from the order issued by Columbia and Boone County Officials today (March 24).

FAQ from City of Columbia:

Special Order 2020-03 – Stay at Home Order – Issued 3-24-2020 – FAQ (1)

Full order of ordinance issued by the City of Columbia and Boone County officials:

Special Order 2020-03 – Stay at Home Order – Issued 3-24-2020 – Signed


  1. Are we allowed to have desk hours if our business is not open to the public but we can have desk hours in return phone calls etc. people will be leaving messages and we will have to go down there to return calls. Are we allowed to do that it would just be one person or two at the most at one time

  2. Marie, I️ believe you are allowed to do a very limited thing like what you mentioned, but I️ would read the actual order to make sure (linked in the story above). -BT

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