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Columbia City Hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city of Columbia)

Sunday’s Columbia prayer walk focusing on safety, poverty issues

Columbia City Hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city of Columbia)

A former Columbia mayoral candidate has organized a meditation and prayer walk for safety and peace on Sunday in downtown Columbia.

Former mayoral candidate Tanya Heath is the organizer. She says the aim is to uplift Columbia, the state, nation and world for the safety of our neighbors, police officers and firefighters, as well as peace for the community and world. Heath also says they’ll pray for solutions for all people, with winter approaching.

Ms. Heath notes 23 percent of Columbia residents currently live in poverty, adding there’s a great need for substitute teachers for our schoolchildren and a great need for careworkers for the elderly.

“The meditation and prayer gives everyone a way to connect with ideas and insights that are bigger than ourselves to make a positive impact in Columbia,” Ms. Heath says.

Sunday’s walk begins at 2 pm at city hall, near the keyhole. They’ll walk in silence through downtown and will finish at city hall.

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