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Team CoMo co-creator Tanya Heath and other volunteers handed out backpacks on Saturday at Columbia's Lange middle school (August 19, 2023 photo courtesy of Ms. Heath)

Team CoMo and other volunteer organizations provide free backpacks and shoes to Columbia students

More than 1,800 backpacks and shoes were handed out Thursday at Powerhouse’s event near West middle school at Columbia’s Farmers Market Pavilion on August 17, 2023 (photo courtesy of Team CoMO co-creator Tanya Heath)

More than 2,000 Columbia-area students are heading back to school this morning with new backpacks, socks and shoes, thanks to Team CoMO and other volunteers.

Team CoMo co-creator Tanya Heath, a former Columbia mayoral candidate, says about 500 backpacks and shoes were handed out during Saturday’s Rise Initiative event at Lange middle school. Free haircuts were also given. She says another approximately 1,800 backpacks, shoes and socks were handed out at Powerhouse’s event near West middle school.

Volunteers who participated in the event say volunteering is the best way to make a positive difference. Ms. Heath is encouraging you to volunteer one day a year for Columbia’s youth, saying it would improve their reading scores and mental health. She says each person in Columbia has a role to play in the success of our youth and our future as a community.

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