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Jennifer Bukowsky is your Esquire on Fire! She is a constitutional and criminal defense attorney in Columbia, MO.  She is also a weekly guest on the Gary Nolan Show. She serves on the Missouri Supreme Court’s Task Force on Criminal Justice, on the Board of Directors of the Show-Me Institute, and on the Steering Committee of the Federalist Society–Jefferson City Lawyers Chapter.

Jennifer defended a client who was found “not guilty” of murder – the only “not guilty” on a Boone County murder case in over 50 years. She also won the release of a man who was wrongfully convicted and served over 20 years – since age 14 – for a murder he did not commit. Jennifer has received numerous awards for her skills as a trial and appellate attorney. She was a Trump delegate at the RNC in 2016. She previously served as an adjunct professor of law for the University of Missouri, and as the youngest-ever President of the Boone County Bar Association.

Jennifer received a J.D. with highest honors from the University of Missouri School of Law. She is also a CPA.


  1. What is the difference between the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?

  2. Rick Fitzpatrick

    Jennfer , your voice is much more clear on air toady thanks . I like your program

  3. Maam, do you still I would like to talk to you about clearing my record.

  4. What’s the name of the song played at the end of your show today. thx. Just curious, couldn’t remember the name of the singers, band or the words of this old song.

  5. Who is the person you interviewed about custody of children in diverse cases? Where can I listen again to this interview or see his published viewpoints?
    Thank you

  6. Hi Philip, the guest’s name is Mark Ludwig. -BT

  7. Has anyone considered the possibility of the Democrats wanting Joe Biden to win, chooses Hillary Clinton as VP, and possibly dismissed from office over health concerns and then Hillary becomes the first female President?

  8. Scott Williamson

    Hi Jennifer bukowsky I have a couple questions I’d like to talk to you about if you could email me with I’d like to talk to you thank you

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