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David Myers
56-year-old David Myers has been sentenced to 40 years in prison (2020 file photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff's Department)

UPDATE: Convicted Columbia murderer sentenced to 40 years in prison; Myers claimed self-defense

David Myers
56-year-old David Myers has been sentenced to 40 years in prison (2020 file photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department)

A Boone County judge has sentenced a convicted Columbia murderer to 40 years in prison for the 2020 death of his neighbor on Sycamore Hills, north of town.

Security was tight at the Boone County Courthouse on Friday afternoon for 56-year-old David Myers’ sentencing hearing. Family members of both Myers and victim Anthony Lockwood were in the courtroom.

Boone County assistant prosecutor Nick Komoroski told Judge Brouck Jacobs that Myers has four prior convictions, including convictions for felonious restraint and animal cruelty. Komoroski also says Myers dragged the victim’s body across a gravel road, and recently smashed a Boone County jail television with a broom. Lockwood’s mother testified on the witness stand, telling Judge Jacobs that Lockwood wanted to be a good dad and will be missed.

Defense attorney David Kirschner told the judge that Myers thought he would be killed or seriously injured by Lockwood that day. The Boone County medical examiner’s office testified at trial that Lockwood had meth and alcohol in his system when he died. However, the examiner’s office says meth did not contribute to Lockwood’s death.

Kirschner describes Lockwood’s death as a tragedy, and expresses condolences for Lockwood’s death. Kirschner says Myers made bad decisions after the incident, including burning the murder weapon. He says Myers was in shock.

Prosecutors requested a 40 year sentence, while Kirschner asked for a 13-year sentence. Judge Jacobs sentenced Myers to 40 years. Myers blasted his attorney in open court after the sentencing, describing Kirschner’s legal work as “horrible,” before adding “he did a horrible job.” Judge Jacobs disagreed, telling Myers that the court found no probable cause that Myers has not been effectively represented by counsel.”

The Boone County Medical Examiner’s office says Lockwood was stabbed six times in the back, and graphic photos were shown in the courtroom during the March trial.

Security was tight in the courtroom. There were about 25 family members and friends of Lockwood in court, and at least three for Myers. When Myers’ family/friends left court, security prevented anyone else from leaving the courtroom until the others were outside the courthouse and to their cars. It was done as a precautionary measure.

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