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UPDATE: Jury sees graphic photos of Ben Renick’s body during prosecution testimony

The jury in Lynlee Renick’s high-profile murder trial at the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia saw graphic photos of Ben Renick’s body on Monday morning, during prosecution testimony.

The victim had been shot once in the back of the head, once through the jaw and several times in the back. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Harley Ault testifies that authorities originally thought a 500-pound anaconda had attacked the victim.

Renick was killed inside his Montgomery County snake facility in 2017. The trial has been moved to Boone County on a venue change, and the jury has been brought in from western Missouri’s Clay County.

Lynlee Renick began crying, when the photos were shown.

Lynlee Renick’s defense attorney, Timothy Heseman, told jurors that one of those shots was fired at contact range.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Harley Ault testifies that Lynlee Renick was “hysterical” on the night of the 2017 murder. Under cross-examination, Deputy Ault testifies that he didn’t notice anything suspicious about Lynlee Renick’s behavior that night.

Montgomery County Coroner David Colbert also took the stand this morning. He also testified that authorities first believed that a snake had killed Renick. Colbert said that he then examined the body and determined the wounds were consistent with gunshots.

Colbert testified that Ben Renick died from multiple gunshot wounds, including extensive brain injuries.

A second suspect, Michael Humphrey of Jefferson City, was convicted of murder in October. Prosecutors say Humphrey drove Lynlee Renick to the farm, where the murder happened.

Lynlee Renick’s defense attorney, Counselor Heseman, told the jury that Michael Humphrey was solely responsible for the killing.

Court TV is providing live coverage of Lynlee Renick’s trial.

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