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Oscar Mayer hot dogs are made in Columbia, Missouri (file photo courtesy of the Kraft Heinz website)

UPDATE: Property tax abatement sought by Kraft Heinz for its Columbia plant approved by school board

Columbia’s school board has unanimously approved the property tax abatement that’s being sought by Kraft Heinz for its large Columbia plant.

939 the Eagle’s Mike Murphy, the publisher of Comobuz, reports the company is seeking a property tax abatement of $3.75 million over the next decade. Kraft Heinz is the 16th largest employer in Columbia/Boone County with 450 employees, according to the latest statistics from Columbia Regional Economic Development Incorporated (REDI).

939 the Eagle’s Murphy reports Kraft Heinz is planning $92-million in improvements to their plant on Columbia’s Waco road over the next five years. The Kraft Heinz plant on Waco road is the only plant in North America that makes Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Planned improvements include a facility modernization and replacement of three packaging lines. The plant is located on Columbia’s fast-growing food corridor, which also includes Swift Foods, Aurora Organic Dairy and Nabisco.

The “Wall Street Journal” reports Kraft Heinz is considering spinning off its Oscar Mayer division and selling it.

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