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Boone County Courthouse
The Boone County Courthouse in downtown Columbia (2019 file photo from 939 the Eagle)

Veteran Boone County Prosecutor will not seek fifth term in November; Knight strongly considering a run for judge

Boone County Courthouse
Boone County Courthouse

Boone County’s longtime prosecutor has announced that he will not seek re-election in November.

Dan Knight, who was first elected prosecutor in 2006, is finishing his fourth term.

He’s proud of his staff and the numerous murder trials he’s prosecuted. He sat down for 25 minutes Monday afternoon with two local news outlets to reflect on his tenure, including 939 the Eagle. He discussed his decision and his accomplishments and disappointments.

Prosecutor Knight says he recently requested three additional prosecutors from Boone County Commissioners, and he didn’t receive any new ones. He tells 939 the Eagle that he’s struggled to adequately fund positions in his office.

“I wish that I could pay more money to the hard-working people in my office, and there are plenty of them,” Knight says.

Boone County is one of the few Missouri counties with more public defenders than prosecutors. Knight notes there are 16 prosecutors in Boone County and 18 public defenders. He says the prosecutors in his office each handle 450 to 500 cases.

Mr. Knight confirms he’s strongly considering running for Boone County Circuit Judge in 2024. He says he’s loved his job because he’s had the opportunity to do the right thing daily.

Prosecutor Knight says he’s also hopeful that Boone County residents will continue to support our law enforcement officers, saying they risk their personal safety and sometimes their lives to keep everyone safe.

“In this county, we have wonderful law enforcement officers. And, that’s the thing. I think that we need to, as the prosecutor, it’s important for me to point that out,” says Knight.

Knight also reflected on the 21 murder cases he’s prosecuted, starting with the Bobby Harrison New Year’s Eve 2000 case behind Big Papa’s in downtown Columbia. Knight also prosecuted Horace Johnson for the beating death of his two-year-old son, Cortez.

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