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Video raises questions about Columbia police’s use of force

(AP) – A video has surfaced showing the arrest of a naked man on St. Patrick’s Day that appears to contradict Columbia police’s account of when officers used a stun gun.

Police accountability group Citizens for Justice provided a bystander’s video to the Columbia Daily Tribune that shows 32-year-old Alexander Wells was walking away from police when an officer fired a Taser at his back on March 17.

Police spokesman Jeff Pitts released a statement March 18, alleging Wells was intoxicated, attempted to start fights and had stripped off his clothes. Pitts claims officers used a stun gun because Wells was advancing toward them.

Wells was arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct and resisting arrest. He was released from Boone County Jail after posting $1,000 bond.

Police and city officials declined to comment on the video.

Wells couldn’t be reached for comment.

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