MO State HS Sports

Wake Up Columbia Monday 080816

oo:00  KS Water slide death and the day’s other top stories

11:55  Orlando Pace’s HOF induction speech gets edited by the NFL

13:50  2nd district Boone County commissioner candidate Brendan Riddles joins us

00:00  RNC delegate Sara Walsh joins us to talk about how we can defend Trump when he keeps doing controversial things

12:47  Golfer Jim Furyk has a record setting round and Brad Tregnago demonstrates what it would be like if basketball play-by-play was done in the style of a golf announcer

17:00  We interview a black fellow by the name of Lorenzo and ask him if he feels like he’s ever been profiled or targeted by police in Columbia

00:00  Deadly water slide accident

04:21  What do we do in the studio during commercial breaks?

07:20  Are you watching the Olympics?

13:00  Hillary Clinton continues to lie, and we have audio to prove it

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