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Photo courtesy of Wreaths for Heroes

“Wreaths for Heroes” volunteers needed

You and your pickup are needed for wreath duty.

On December 16th, volunteers will line up the ‘Wreaths for Heroes’ on every gravestone in Jefferson City’s National Cemetery. Community activist Lorraine Adkins started the display. Legendary Jefferson City Jays football coach Pete Adkins says his late wife was all about honoring the veterans.

“Lorraine got the idea that we needed to put wreaths on our national cemetery,” Adkins said. “She wasn’t going to be told no. We’re going to do it. We’d like to have the longest caravan on the 16th we’ve ever had, for her. That was her baby. She loved the caravan. Let’s get out of bed and have a super-long caravan for Lorraine this year.”

If you can help, Adkins asks that you show up with your truck and help haul the wreaths from the warehouse on Heisinger Road to the cemetery a on Saturday, December 16th.

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