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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Thank You Big Government

Why is it I always feel a little less free when big government bureaucrats say they are going to protect me, or something I have, do or want, by regulating me or it?  I caught that the drum beat for an open internet was a ruse perpetrated by an agency made up of government appointees […]

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Gimmie Gimmie

Periodically I find myself absolutely incensed that a portion of the money I labor for is summarily taken by the government and redistributed by some faceless bureaucrat to people they believe are entitled to a share of my earnings.   Furthermore, I take offense that while it’s my “patriotic duty” to tithe to the government for the […]

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Just the word implies racist connotations and I cannot believe they didn’t change it to “radical ‘less politically incorrect benign name’” since they are founded on a phony “social justice” concept.  The innane co-founder of this absurd Brownie troop spin-off said they aren’t telling the girls what to think.  No, they’re just letting these young […]

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