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Browning: local vaccinators ready to distribute more shots

Boone County health director Stephanie Browning says 23,120 Boone County residents have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, as of Feb. 14. When more shots come in, Browning says officials will be ready.

“We still have a number of vaccinators here that have not received any vaccine yet, and we’re hoping that they will get some soon. There’s a lot of capacity to vaccinate. We just don’t have a lot of vaccine.”

Browning told the Columbia City Council last (mon) night that coronavirus testing is down 64% the last three weeks, because of the weather and a lack of demand. But the positivity rate keeps dropping, and the average daily case rate is the lowest its been since college students came back to town last August.

Health officials are also working on an outreach campaign to encourage more people to get vaccinated, including those in the Black community and those that speak Spanish.

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