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Columbia city manager De’Carlon Seewood briefs reporters at city hall on December 20, 2021, as Councilman Karl Skala listens (file photo courtesy of the city)

Columbia’s city manager: it’s hard to pull yourself up by the bootstraps if you don’t have boots

De’Carlon Seewood visits with Columbia residents after being named city manager on December 20, 2021 (file photo from 939 the Eagle’s Brian Hauswirth)

Columbia’s city manager says homelessness and breaking the cycle of poverty continues to be a challenge. City manager De’Carlon Seewood tells 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table” that Columbia has good mental health services.

“You have Burrell, you have Phoenix, you have Compass. You have those organizations that are providing those services. It’s just trying to figure out how do we connect those in need to the service providers,” Seewood says.

Unemployment is another issue Mr. Seewood is focusing on. He says it’s hard to pull yourself up by the bootstraps if you don’t have boots.

“Mental health is a big part of it, but there’s other things that people need. It’s how do we get people to jobs. And so when you get into that place of where you don’t have a home, you don’t have an address and you have to go out and fill out that application, it’s where do you live,” says Seewood.

You can hear Fred Parry’s full interview with Mr. Seewood here on our website.

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