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COVID-19 Update: Active coronavirus cases continue drop in Boone County

Active coronavirus cases continued a big drop in Boone County on Wednesday. That number now sits at 518.

There were 70 new positives in Boone, which is the highest numbers since Saturday. But 128 were released from isolation. Hospitalizations are back up near record levels, from 55 to 60, but are still below capacity. The positivity rate on coronavirus tests has also been revised down, after health officials caught a reporting error.

Mizzou’s active student cases are down too, at 229. There were 20 new positives. The school expelled a couple students for violating COVID-19 rules.

Cole County reported 43 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. Active cases rose to 138. Callaway County’s active cases are up to 172. There were 12 positives added in Callaway on Wednesday.

Missouri reported 1,191 new cases on Wednesday, and seven deaths. That makes 1,739 deaths from COVID-19. The seven-day average positivity rate went down, to 12.2%.

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