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A drone view of Mizzou's Jesse Hall in Columbia (2022 file photo courtesy of Mizzou spokesman Uriah Orland)

(LISTEN): Former Landmark Bank chairman/CEO appears on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable”

An annual tradition for 939 the Eagle host Fred Parry is to interview former Landmark Bank chief executive officer Jeff MacLellan on the final show of the calendar year for the “CEO Roundtable.” Mr. MacLellan has spent 35 years studying economic trends in Columbia and Boone County. He joined Fred in-studio Saturday morning for the hour on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable” program. Mr. MacLellan tells listeners that when he started in the banking industry in 1973, there were about 18,000 banks nationwide. He says that number is about 4,000 today. He also addressed the issue of Columbia’s rising home costs, saying the median home sold in Columbia in 2023 was about $343,000. Mr. MacLellan also addressed the traditional three pillars in Columbia’s economy: education, health care and insurance. He notes there are about 55,000 to 60,000 students in Columbia, counting the 18,000 students at Columbia Public Schools (CPS). The University of Missouri and MU Health Care continue to be, by far, the two largest employers in Columbia/Boone County. They have 8,709 and 5,092 employees, according to the latest numbers from Columbia Regional Economic Development Incorporated (REDI). While Shelter Insurance continues to be the seventh-largest employer in Columbia/Boone County with 1,375 employees, Mr. MacLellan tells listeners that finance is emerging as the third-largest pillar now:

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