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Local law enforcement agencies release statement on Minneapolis death

The Columbia Police Department, The Boone County Sheriff’s Department, and the University of Missouri Police Department released a joint statement Thursday afternoon on the death of George Floyd this week while a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck:

Leaders of the Columbia Police Department (CPD), Boone County Sheriff’s Department (BCSD) and the University of Missouri Police Department (MUPD) are aware of the tragic death of George Floyd that took place in Minneapolis earlier this week. We offer condolences to the victim’s family, friends and his home community.

In our own community, all law enforcement officers are held to the highest standards. We will treat everyone fairly and with respect. As trained professionals, we’re committed to serving with honor and compassion.

This commitment is embedded in our policing practice, in our professional training and in our community relationships. Behavior that, in any way, diminishes citizens or law enforcement is not tolerated.

All of us representing law enforcement agencies in Columbia and Boone County are citizens, like everyone else. We are subjec t to the law. We are accountable for our behavior. We value our communities and our neighbors and will continue to work together to maintain safety and security.”

Several law enforcement agencies throughout the country have put out statements condemning the actions that led to Floyd’s death.

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