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Mike Parson
Mike Parson

Missouri to end special federal unemployment payments June 12

Gov. Mike Parson announced Missouri will stop giving out special unemployment benefits from the federal government.

The governor said Tuesday those payments will end June 12. Parson said the federal assistance to help economic recovery during the pandemic was only meant to be temporary. He also said he wants more Missourians to take open jobs rather than rely on unemployment payments.

“We know that the jobs are out there, and one of the last remaining hurdles to economic recovery is addressing this labor shortage,” Parson said Tuesday.

More from The Associated Press:

Gov. Mike Parson says he’s cutting off all federal pandemic unemployment benefits to Missourians. Parson on Tuesday announced those federal benefits will end June 12. The Republican governor says there’s a labor shortage. He hopes cutting off extra unemployment aid will push people to work. At least four other states are also ending the $300 federal benefit that is on top of state benefits. Those states are Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana and South Carolina. Labor experts say the shortage can also be attributed to people reluctant to work because they fear catching the virus.

(This story was last updated at 5:58 a.m. Wednesday.)

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