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Organizers cancel Salute to Veterans airshow

A popular Memorial Day weekend event in mid-Missouri is done.

The group behind the Salute to Veterans airshow said Thursday night that it has ceased all activities.

Thousands would check out world-class pilots and jumpers from the U.S. and other countries every year, since 1989.

The event was supposed to move from Columbia Regional Airport to Jefferson City this past Memorial Day, but it was canceled because of weather and flooding concerns.


  1. Sounds to me like the liberals have gotten their way and shut down anything that shows how great our nation was and is. Thank you to all veterans

  2. Is it canceled because of runway work or is it canceled forever?

  3. It is canceled forever at this point.

  4. Do we get an explanation or just left to speculate?

  5. Organizers did not provide a reason for why the airshow was canceled.

  6. Last year they had all of the expenses and none of the benefits. Think of the financial consequences plus this years runway challenges. Sad but everyone has a limit and it sounds like the organizers have found theirs

  7. We used to have it at Memorial Airport in Jefferson City. Interested in why they don’t move it there instead of canceling. We used to have quite a few events there. One year they brought in a jet powered semi truck to out accelerate an in-flight jet. Interesting to see that thing run.

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