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Playground equipment damaged during Columbia police incident

One Columbia man is arrested after police say he crashed his car into playground equipment while trying to get away from the cops.

Lamont Boone, 26, allegedly drove away from a traffic stop on Tuesday afternoon on Old Highway 63 near Stephens Lake Park and Lakewood Apartments. The car hit some playground equipment, but no people were hurt.

Boone allegedly tried to run but was caught. He’s also looking at charges of possessing a stolen gun, being a convicted felon with a gun, endangering the welfare of a child, and driving without a license.

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  1. Misleading headline… appears that it was the Columbia Police that did/caused the damage. Just another perp felon fool with a gun and a kid. Neither should he have been allowed to posses. Nobody even pays attention any more to the shootings in Columbia. They’ve let it get out of hand so bad, they will never recover. Make in uncomfortable for anyone who doesn’t want to abide by the law, including very uncomfortable for their family to live there if they are in the same household. The ‘not in my town, move to someplace else’ is a good motto.

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