Political consultant sees Dem dominance in Boone, GOP control statewide

The cliché “all politics is local” may not be true anymore.

Local political consultant Scott Charton says last week’s election was another nationalized vote. He says thoughts on President Trump drove an apparent record voter turnout. That was good for Republicans in most mid-Missouri counties, but drove a good showing for Democrats in Boone.

“Boone is like a blue dot. Missouri went very red outside of the two major cities and Boone County,” Charton said on the latest CEO Roundtable.

Voters in Boone backed Democrats in almost every race, even though Republicans won by big margins statewide. Charton says Democrats do not even seem to have many good options as candidates anymore for races like Roy Blunt’s Senate seat in 2022.

“That is the conundrum for Democrats statewide. I mean, what are they going to do?”

Charton says he will remember this election as one with a lot of fear, especially tied to the coronavirus.

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