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Record-breaking winter weather forecast for Mid-Mo

We could see record amounts of snow Monday, with record cold on Monday and Tuesday.

Meteorologist Jared Maples with the National Weather Service says there’s increasing moisture ahead of a frigid front of northern air. He says that could lead to 1-2″ of snow, and make it a little tricky for drivers.

“Being one of the first bigger snow events…well, bigger in relative terms…it could be slick out there and you’ve got to become acclimated.”

The record snowfall for Columbia on Nov. 11 is 0.4″ set in 1995. The record low temperature for Nov. 11 is 13 degrees, and for Nov. 12 it is nine degrees. Both those marks were set in 1911.

The forecast calls for an overnight low of about 10 degrees. The high temperatures will probably only be in the 20’s on Tuesday.

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