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UPDATE: Elledge requests a new murder trial

A prominent defense attorney has filed a motion for a new trial, in Joseph Elledge’s Columbia murder case.

The 26-year-old Elledge was convicted in November of second degree murder for the 2019 death of his wife, Menggi Ji. Elledge is scheduled to be sentenced on December 17.

Online court records show defense attorney Scott Rosenblum filed the motion for a new trial on Friday.

Counselor Rosenblum argued during the trial that Ji died from subdural hematoma from hitting her head on a kitchen countertop during an argument. Rosenblum says Elledge panicked after his wife died.

Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight rejected that, telling jurors that Elledge tortured his wife and lied several times on the witness stand. Knight told jurors that Elledge deserves no mercy.

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