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The exterior of south Columbia's John Warner Middle School, which is CPS' 7th middle school (2021 file photo courtesy of CPS' Michelle Baumstark)

$80-million bond issue approved by CPS voters

The exterior of the John Warner Middle School, which is CPS’ 7th middle school in Columbia. (2021 file photo courtesy of CPS’ Michelle Baumstark)

Voters in Columbia Public Schools (CPS) have given the green light to an $80-million bond issue, which will fund the construction of two new elementary schools.

The final vote in Tuesday’s bond issue was 17,724 to 5,698. Passage required a four-sevenths majority, which is 57 percent.

The bond issue will fund a $25-million new elementary school on the John Warner middle school property, and $28-million for land and a new future elementary school in a location yet to be determined.

It will also fund a $15-million addition and renovation at the Columbia Area Career Center.

CPS Superintendent Dr. Brian Yearwood says growth is the main reason behind the bond issue. CPS is now Missouri’s fifth-largest district, with 18,500 students. Dr. Yearwood expects that to grow to about 20,000 in the next ten years.

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