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Hoss and Trish Koetting opened Hoss' Market in Columbia in 2002 (2022 photo courtesy of "Inside Columbia" magazine's L.G. Patterson)

After 20 years, Columbia’s Hoss’ Market changing hands

Hoss and Trish Koetting opened Hoss’ Market in Columbia in 2002 (2022 photo courtesy of “Inside Columbia” magazine’s L.G. Patterson)

A popular Columbia gourmet market and restaurant will be changing owners on July 1.

It’s called Hoss’ Market, and it’s located on south Columbia’s Club Village drive. The market is best-known for its hickory-smoked ribs hot off the smoker every Saturday morning.

Our Zimmer publication “Inside Columbia” magazine reports Trish Koetting and her husband Hoss are selling to Ben Hamrah and Amanda Elliott, who own the Beet Box.

Koetting says she and Hoss will stay on during the transition until August 1. Hoss and Trish have also worked at Boone Tavern and the Smokehouse. They have more than 38 years of experience on Columbia’s restaurant scene.

“Inside Columbia” reports Trish and Hoss will continue to sell their popular seasonings, which will still be used in cooking at smoking at Hoss and sold for retail.

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  1. So…..are the food’s changing? Since Beet Box is middle eastern style? It might be a stretch, but I can’t envision people who do middle eastern cooking so well learning to do middle america BBQ and smoking. Nothing intended, just my observation of cultural food differences.

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