Michael Trapp
Michael Trapp

Columbia considers changes to trash pickup amid staffing issues

The Columbia City Council talked trash during Monday night’s work session. The city is having a hard time holding on to solid waste staff, even after raising their pay.

The city is looking at not taking any trash that’s not in bags or bundles, and possibly limiting the total bags allowed per pickup.

Councilman Michael Trapp says on The Gary Nolan Show the work is grueling and dangerous.

“Now we’re looking at, can we make the job less onerous by making changes with the way that we do pickup.”

Trapp supports roll carts as a safer trash option, but Columbia voters banned that idea in 2016.


  1. Im not from Columbia but now I live here. I was surprised that the city does not have trash cans. I believe this would help. I am constantly walking around Columbia seeing where the trash bags have ripped open. There would be less pollution. The job would be safer for the workers and you would be able to control the amount of trash for home. Yes this is a change and would cost money, I understand. Show me cleaner Columbia!

  2. Roll carts again?! I travel to Jefferson City every 90 days and their streets look awful with roll carts. These hang out at the curb all day until someone returns home to return them from the curb. Often they are just moved to the side of the garage, still looking awful! Most garages do not have the extra room! These are not something that would be easily managed by older patrons. I believe the staffing issue is not the pay nor the amount of material to deal with. I firmly believe it is the stigma attached to the profession! Few people would like to say their job is trash pickup! I wish we could look at ALL jobs as just that! A job! Limiting number of bags could be an issue. We don’t generate much but at special occasions with extra family, there are more bags. Should we have to retain this in our home to wait for another trip so we don’t go over our limit?! We need to consider ALL patrons of the service. My mother was a condominium resident with no where to store trash! She used to put food waste into her freezer to keep it from smelling and further rotting until pickup!

  3. Why doesn’t the city of Columbia go to private trash collection. Let the professionals do it they can do it cheaper and they can do it better and get the job done without any problems.

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