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Columbia Police warn about roving gangs breaking into vehicles during overnight hours

Columbia Police are urging residents and hunters to keep their guns in a locked safe, and to lock their vehicles. CPD Lieutenant Michael Hestir says 217 guns have been stolen in Columbia this year.

“I really wanted to invite your listeners today to take care of their stuff and prevent unnecessary violence or injury by locking their guns up,” Lieutenant Hestir says.

Lieutenant Hestir spoke on 939 the Eagle’s “Gary on Guns” program, with host Gary Nolan.

“People have their deer rifle or their handgun and they leave it in the car overnight. And every night in Columbia, there’s these roving gangs that just go subdivision to subdivision. And they’re opportunistic. If they find your car unlocked, they’ll take your gun. If they see your gun, they might break a window to get,” says Hestir.

He says the thieves are also looking for cash, credit cards and electronic devices.

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