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Columbia's Hickman high school was built in 1927 (file photo courtesy of the CPS website)

CPS: Juvenile Hickman student arrested for graffiti incident

Columbia’s Hickman high school was built in 1927 (photo courtesy of the CPS website)

The Columbia Public Schools (CPS) superintendent says a juvenile Hickman high school student has been arrested for Wednesday afternoon’s graffiti incident, an incident that led to extra police at the school on Thursday.

CPS Superintendent Dr. Brian Yearwood announced the arrest, in a two-page e-mail to Hickman families, students and staff.

Dr. Yearwood says the graffiti message written on a bathroom stall “was never a credible threat.” He emphasizes that CPS takes all threats seriously, and that they thoroughly investigate each threat regardless of its credibility. He says the safety of CPS students and staff is their top priority.

Columbia Police confirm they’ve detained a juvenile for making a terrorist threat, regarding the Hickman incident. CPD describes their investigation as ongoing.

While Dr. Yearwood is limited by law on what he can say, he says threatening statements, rumors about threats to safety and hoaxes relating to safety are subject to punishment, including expulsion from the district.

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