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Columbia's Rock Bridge high school is one of three CPS high schools covered by the new 2023 SRO agreement approved by the school board (2021 file photo courtesy of CPS' Michelle Baumstark)

CPS, Missouri’s fifth-largest district, is expected to grow

Columbia’s Rock Bridge high school (2021 file photo is courtesy of CPS spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark)

Classes for Columbia Public Schools (CPS) begin tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, and CPS’ Michelle Baumstark says enrollment will likely increase over last year.

Baumstark tells 939 the Eagle that CPS schools and district offices have been very busy for weeks with enrollments and registration.

Last year’s enrollment was 18,527. CPS is now Missouri’s fifth-largest school district.

While Ms. Baumstark will have first day counts tomorrow, official head counts don’t happen until the third week in September for all districts. Baumstark notes that’s because students continue to enroll after Labor Day, and some districts don’t begin until after Labor Day.

Enrollment in fast-growing CPS has increased by more than 1,500 in the past decade.

Baumstark says CPS is excited about starting a new school year.

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