McCloskeys to speak during RNC on Monday

The St. Louis couple that got national attention after pointing guns from their home at protesters will speak during the Republican National Convention on Monday night.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey are facing felony charges. Democratic prosecutor Kim Gardner alleges they waved their guns in a threatening manner in June at the people protesting racial injustice.

But the White House and many Republicans say the McCloskeys were just defending their home. Governor Parson has already said he’d pardon the couple if they are convicted.

More from The Associated Press:

Republicans are ready to formally nominate President Donald Trump for reelection at a scaled-down convention kickoff in Charlotte, North Carolina, that begins a weeklong effort to convince the American people that he deserves a second term. Despite the ongoing pandemic, delegates will hold an in-person roll-call vote at the Charlotte Convention Center. It’s a sharp contrast to the approach of Democrats, who created a video montage from states across the country to avoid a large-scale gathering at their well-received virtual convention last week. Attention then turns to the Republican prime-time programming Monday through Thursday nights.

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