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Missouri Senators debate gas tax proposal

Missouri Senators this week debated a proposed gas tax increase.

The measure would raise the tax two cents a gallon, and be adjusted annually for inflation. That’s a small enough increase so it would not require a vote of the people.

Republican Sen. Doug Libla says MoDot needs more funding for roads and bridges.

““Have you ever heard the term penny wise and a pound foolish? Well this takes care of that. We don’t need to be penny wise and a pound foolish any longer,” Libla said, according to Missourinet.

Other conservative Senators spoke against the idea, saying voters should decide on a gas tax increase, just like when they rejected a gas tax proposal in 2018. There’s been no vote in the legislature on the idea yet.

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  1. No because that’s all I have heard for several years now is more money for roads and bridges the roads and bridges I see every day have not gotten better only worse I’m starting to think I could do a better job fixing them.

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