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Sean Hannity

Why does Sean Hannity connect so well with his millions of listeners?

Is it because of his commitment to family? Could it be his community involvement? Perhaps it’s his love of politics and his genuine American spirit?

It’s because he is one of you.

Sean Hannity is the voice of the working class and champion of conservative values and politics. Winner of Radio & Records Magazine’s Syndicated News/Talk Personality of the Year for the past 3 years, Sean Hannity is heard by over 1 million listeners a day.

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  1. Hey, I’m currently a university student in England. I’m a conservative so we will of course share many ideas of what would improve our countries. I’ve been listening to your show now for a couple of weeks but I just would like to know your opinion on this. Personally, I believe our national health service has been positive for the UK. Its helped many who have been unable to pay for private health care, and I believe everyone should have the right to free health care, especially in this day and age. The good thing is that it is not the largest part of the UK budget, the welfare system is, which I would rigorously improve if I had my way. What do you think of this and why are you personally opposed to a national health care system if you are?

    Thanks, Tom

    P.S. no matter your opinion, I will still like your show

  2. Maybe Todd Akin was referring to the actual completion of a heterosexual sex act in a rape situation. This does not have a high rate of resulting in a pregnancy. The overwhelming stress involved in a rape would cause a spontaneous miscarriage. Even though rape and incest are evil, immoral, illegal, violent, despicable, and heinous crimes, the child that may result from such acts, must not be destroyed, in or out of the womb, to atone for the crime.