(AUDIO) Consultant on Hyperloop feasibility study

Missouri is a potential spot for a Hyperloop. Riders could get from Kansas City to St. Louis in less than 30 minutes, with a stop in Columbia. One estimate puts the price tag at about $10 billion.

Wake Up Columbia spoke with Drew Thompson of Black and Veatch, a company that did a feasibility study on Hyperloop One in Missouri:

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  1. That hyperloop will be just another unprofitable drain on the already limited number of dollars for highway maintenance. AMTRAK gets a ton of money every year from MoDot and the state for their “services”, and they haven’t shown a profit from day 1.
    MODoT will dump millions that they supposedly don’t have into this project year after year and then claim they need more money for road repairs.
    If the few people that would use it want it so bad, let them hire a billionaire to build and run it. Then just pay the state $1 million + 10% per year access fee to be used exclusively for road repairs. No funding anybodies salaries, or grants for sidewalks, or airport office updates.

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